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Global Employer Survey 2023

Understanding key priorities, challenges, and opportunities for multinational employers.

Important information: This information is for scheme sponsors, trustees, their advisers and consultants use only and should not be relied upon by individual investors.

As we move into a world that redefines what work means for both employers and workers, employers have an opportunity to create workplaces that resonate with all kinds of workers by welcoming innovative approaches to attraction, retention, and overall employee experience. 

The second annual Fidelity Global Employer Survey aims to understand worker attraction, retention, and experience and identify key actions that drive positive outcomes for many kinds of employers around the world. 

In last year’s survey, we saw many multinational corporations adopt policies and operating procedures to adapt to a world affected by the global pandemic.

This year, many companies around the world have shifted the focus to attracting, retaining, and developing talent as their top priorities.

The Global Employer Survey 2023

Find out more about efforts in attracting and retaining employees and the strategic conversations to lead with your teams.