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Day to day support

A team dedicated to you

We believe that working in true partnership with our clients is the most effective way to build long-term and meaningful relationships that will ultimately help your employees meet their future financial goals. To enable this collaboration, we’ll assemble a dedicated team to oversee every aspect of your chosen plan.

Plan management

Relationship director

We will appoint a dedicated relationship director, accountable for overall service delivery and overall management for your plan. Through regular meetings and correspondence, the relationship director will ensure that all services meet the agreed specification and are delivered on time. They will keep you updated on all matters of plan development and service enhancement to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Governance reporting

As part of our ongoing management processes, you’ll have access to an extensive range of plan statistics and management information at no extra cost. Formal governance reporting will be provided on a quarterly basis, which will include a Quarterly Administration Report and a Quarterly Investment Summary.

Service Delivery Lead

We’ll also appoint a Service Delivery Lead (SDL) to provide dedicated operational and administrative support and act as an additional contact, managing the ongoing servicing of the day-to-day relationship with our corporate clients, their Trustees, Advisers & Administrators.

Access to plan data

You’ll also have access to daily updated plan level data, including valuations, transactions, fund factsheets and historic fund prices through our dedicated online portals, PlanViewer (Full Service) and FidelityView (Investment Only).


We’ll provide a dedicated communication consultant from our team of specialists to help support you. They can assist in creating tailored and segmented communication and education strategies, covering a variety of media.

From building a launch campaign to ongoing support, your communication consultant will work with you to agree objectives, deliverables and build an annual strategy that empowers your employees to make informed decisions about their financial futures. This strategy can include:

Member presentations
Pro-active communications

Workforce Management

In addition, UK plan sponsors can also opt in to our auto-enrolment and pension reform service.

We can make our Workforce Management (WFM) solution available to manage the eligibility criteria and regulatory enrolment and re-enrolment processes for your entire workforce on an ongoing basis. This service will also include an online pre-enrolment area to facilitate the employee decision making process and opt-in requests.

Employee engagement

We’ve tools necessary to provide targeted communications that can help empower your employees to meet the challenges they face and work toward the retirement goals they choose. From helping them to better understand their savings goals to providing specific retirement options based on personal circumstances, our expert insights and services can provide your employees with guidance and advice about their financial futures.