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Our values

We firmly believe that our company values are key to driving the culture which helps us deliver excellence for our clients.

Our commitment

At Fidelity, each member of our team is committed to:


Taking personal responsibility for always acting in the best interest of our clients.


Being willing to experiment and try new and better ways to serve our customers.


Striving to be the best while showing we can be better next time.

Our approach to governance

As an asset manager, we already have a range of high quality and robust governance committees that support our business and platforms. In addition, we also have two committees dedicated to overseeing the interests of its pension scheme members.

Independent Governance Committee

The purpose of Fidelity’s IGC is to represent the interests of all policyholders in the company’s schemes.

Master Trust Board

The Fidelity Master Trust is governed by a trustee board which meets the independence requirements as defined by the UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).