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Our investment solutions

Investing with us

Featuring a range of high-quality investment solutions that clients, subject to advice, are free to select, and combine, to best suit their needs, our single open architecture investment platform has been designed to evolve in line with regulatory and industry developments.

Our investment solutions are built around 3 key pillars:

The 3 pillars of our investment solutions platform


Investing with ease

Our default investment strategy, FutureWise provides a solution for all retirement options.

FutureWise has been designed for the era of auto enrolment and pension flexibilities. It targets an asset mix at retirement that can generate sustainable income, but also deliver the capital stability required by those buying an annuity or taking cash. It uses a wide range of investments to increase the level of diversification and reduce the level of volatility, with the governance and oversight conducted by Fidelity. It uses a sophisticated risk-controlled framework and aims to target consistent and sustainable outcomes for members over time. Taken together, these factors aim to help members make the most of their savings throughout their working lives, while leaving them the flexibility to take their retirement income in the ways they choose. While diversification aims to manage investment risk it cannot eliminate it.

A key advantage of FutureWise is that we remain responsible for the ongoing governance and suitability of the strategy, minimising the input needed from the employer. If, as plan sponsor, you want to play a more active role in designing the investment strategy, we can construct bespoke solutions together with you and / or your consultant.


Download our FutureWise guide

Our lifestyle strategy solution has been specifically designed for the current environment, where auto-enrolment and pension flexibilities offer both opportunities and challenges for members.

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Bespoke investment strategies

Subject to appropriate investment advice, our team can also help create a more bespoke lifestyle strategy where:

  • Each design can incorporate a range of investment funds including tailored portfolios
  • Member accounts are automatically switched when your employees move into a new phase of the lifestyle matrix
  • There is freedom to choose the duration and profile of the switching process
  • Switching and rebalancing can be carried out quarterly (if there is only one fund in the accumulation phase) or annually

Your fund options

Fidelity clients have the flexibility to create their own investment menu, subject to investment advice, to suit their requirements, offering either our full range, a selection of funds, or a core investment selection as well as satellite specialist investment options.

Our current range of fund options includes:

  • Global Equity
  • UK equity
  • Regional Equity
  • Overseas Equity
  • Diversified Growth
  • Multi Asset
  • Balanced
  • Property
  • Ethical
  • Shariah
  • Bonds
  • Cash & Money Market
  • Passive Equity
  • Passive Bonds
  • ESG
  • Smart Beta
  • Target Date Funds

Charge disclosure

We have Costs and charges on our Workplace Pensions website to support trustees in providing transaction cost data and illustrations to show members the impact of costs and charges on their retirement pot as per the regulations which came into force on 6 April 2018. When searching for their schemes, members can use the scheme code, their employer name or the URL all of which are provided on their member benefit statements.

Please note that trust-based schemes are currently only covered by these regulations, although this may change in the future as the Financial Conduct Authority look to improve transparency for all investors.