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Engaging your employees

All successful engagement strategies are based on truly understanding your employee segments. We then design targeted messages to help your employees understand their challenges and how they can work towards their goals. All forms of communication will empower your employees to do something positive to influence their savings journey to a better future.


Financial Wellness

Financial wellness matters. How do we know? Because, according to our 2020 Global Financial Wellness Survey, 81% of UK workers have some level of stress about their financial situation. But what can you do to help? At Fidelity, we want you to feel good about the future of your workforce, and give you tools to help your employees feel confident about their finances. From proprietary research, to relevant insights and products, to ongoing support to exciting ways to engage your employees, you’ll benefit from all of this and more with us.

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Retirement Savings Guidelines

Our retirement saving guidelines are rules of thumb designed to help your employees better understand more about, and develop, their own ideas to manage their retirement journey. Our research shows that employees in the UK who save 7 x their annual salary by the age of 68 should be able to retire without any reduction in their standard of living*. Understanding that goal is key to a successful retirement however its equally important to understand how to get there. Whether they are 20, 30, 40 or 50, our tools can help your employees plan and manage their journey.  Our firm belief is that by helping your employees break down their retirement journey in to bite-size chunks it will make retirement feel more manageable. Click here to find out more.

*Fidelity International's Retirement Savings Guidelines white paper. November 2018

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Staying on track

Our secure account management system, PlanViewer, gives each of your employees a personal login to their account online, so they can better understand and amend their plan details. The system can be co-branded with your company’s logo and corporate colours at no extra cost.

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Access to a wealth of information

Our Workplace Pensions website offers easy access to a wealth of information, education, insights and tools to help your employees plan their saving and retirement journeys.

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Investing with us

FutureWise has been designed for the era of auto enrolment and pension flexibilities. It targets an asset mix at retirement that can generate sustainable income, but also deliver the capital stability required by those buying an annuity or taking cash. It uses a wide range of investments to increase the level of diversification and reduce the level of volatility, with the governance and oversight conducted by Fidelity. It uses a sophisticated risk-controlled framework and aims to target consistent and sustainable outcomes for your employees over time. Taken together, these factors aim to help your employees make the most of their savings throughout their working lives, while leaving them the flexibility to take their retirement income in the ways they choose.

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Investment Pathways

Our Investment Pathways provide four ready-made investment solutions for our members seeking support and guidance on making decisions for how to invest their drawdown funds during retirement.  They have been specifically designed to support four key objectives in respect of how and when a member wishes to use their drawdown funds. Find out more about investment pathways, and download the flyer.



Fidelity has created the Invest@Work service that is designed to sit alongside workplace pensions to help employees improve their overall financial wellness by saving into a Fidelity Personal Investing Stocks and Shares ISA or Investment Account with a discount off the annual service fee, either through payroll deduction or directly with Fidelity. Fidelity is also an approved broker* for a great many financial services organisations, and provides Employee Compliance Reporting to help employees report on holdings and transactions to their compliance department. Invest@Work is a key component of Fidelity’s holistic financial wellness offering for workplace investing.

If you would like to find out more about Invest@Work today watch a short video and visit the Invest@Work website.

*An approved broker is one that an employer has deemed that employees are permitted to use. This ‘approval’ is granted to brokers that provide the necessary automated compliance reporting. It is not an endorsement of Fidelity.

Working and beyond

Our Workplace Investing Service Centre team will be happy to talk through any aspect of your Plan. Our pension associates have a thorough understanding of the rules of your employees Plan and are there to help resolve any queries they may have.

Retirement guidance

Helping your employees understand their retirement options

Personalised retirement advice

Providing your employees with specific recommendations based on their personal circumstances

Face-to-face advice

Meeting with an adviser in person at our London Cannon Street investor centre