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Extra support when you need it

Extending a helping hand to vulnerable customers where we can.

A problem shared

There are all sorts of reasons why employees might feel vulnerable during their lifetime - from dealing with their health issues or a loved one's (such as dementia), to bereavement, divorce, financial hardship or even domestic or financial abuse.    

At Fidelity, we can't promise we've got all the answers to life's problems, but we can promise to listen and deal with their needs sensitively and compassionately. We even have specially trained team members - vulnerable customer champions - who have experience of dealing with the struggles our customers face. But we can only help employees, if they let us know they need it.

Making it easy for our customers

We record any additional support need or vulnerable situation disclosure so that we can identify and provide additional support that your employees may require. We can mark our member records so that our associates can assist, for example, with documents in braille or larger font, or if they find it easier if we spoke more slowly when they call our contact centre. 

This approach enables us to anticipate your employees’ needs and we can act proactively and offer a more inclusive service. It also stops employees needing to repeat their circumstances every time that they contact us. However, we will only record any specific health diagnosis if your employees give their explicit consent.   

Watch our video to learn more about how we support vulnerable customer needs.

Making a difference where we can

When we're at our most vulnerable, emotions can run high. We'll always put your best interests at heart - even if we can't help in the way you might like (which will be for all the right reasons).  

Hear from our vulnerable customer champions with some real-life scenarios* where we've been able to flex our services to support our customers. 

*Our vulnerable customer champions are describing real-life client scenarios. You may find the content of a sensitive nature.


Practical support

Our client services team is on hand to provide additional support - such as help with understanding, or filling out, forms. While our extended client services team can also convert your documentation into one of the following formats. 

  • Large print 
  • Audio CD 
  • Braille 
  • Neurodiverse easy-to-read options - customers with dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyscalculia can choose the background colour, tinted overlay colour and font, (colour and text size) that works best for them. 

These services - or even a mix - could be helpful for other conditions too, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

If your employees need any additional support, they can call us on 0800 3 68 68 68 in the UK or +44 1737 838 585 from overseas. Our lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Our commitment to you

If your employees are feeling vulnerable, we want to make sure the service they receive from Fidelity isn't compromised in any way. How?

  • Ease – We're making it easier for employees to tell us about their needs.
  • Communications – We're making our website, email and letters as clear as possible so that employees understand what they need you to do in response.
  • Sensitivity – We're treating employees’ disclosure of any vulnerability respectfully, confidentially and sensitively.
  • Data – With your permission, we're using the data employees provide to give them the help they need and improve our products and services.
  • Flexibility – We're working hard to make our products and services available through employees’ preferred route - mobile devices, PC and Mac.
  • Help – We're always sure to tell you where more help is available.
  • Impact – We're doing our best to think through what the impact is on vulnerable customers when dealing with unprecedented market events (such as the Coronavirus pandemic).
  • Outcomes – We're testing outcomes for vulnerable customers to ensure they're as intended. And we're rectifying issues when we spot them.
  • Once – We’re working hard to make sure you only need to tell us once about something that affects you (no matter what part of Fidelity you belong to).
  • Capability – We're training our employees to have a greater level of awareness and understanding regarding vulnerable customers.

Struggling financially?

If employees need wider support with their financial situation, there are plenty of organisations ready and willing to help.