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Our whistleblowing policy and process

To maintain the trust our clients place in us, we strive for the highest standards of conduct and integrity, fostering an open environment in which employees and others can report instances of non-compliance without fear of recrimination. 

Our whistleblowing policy is an important defence against corporate fraud and wrongdoing. It encourages staff and external parties to speak up in confidence if they suspect someone’s actions or processes are exposing Fidelity International Limited to reputational, ethical, legal or regulatory risk.

How to raise a concern

If you work at Fidelity International Limited and want to report a concern internally, you can use our Whistleblowing Procedure. You can find it on our internal intranet page, the Source. If you would feel more comfortable discussing your concerns externally, or if you don’t work for FIL, you can use the Confidential ALert Line (CALL). This is a discreet online and Freephone service, available 24/7, operated in several languages by an independent third party, Navex Global, to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. We will look into all concerns that are raised with us. We are committed to protecting those who report to us from retaliation for doing so - we have a 'zero tolerance' policy for retaliation and will always act strongly to prevent it.