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Workplace Workout Marketing Materials

Our Workplace Workout member engagement programme introduces small steps to being financially smarter.

Working in partnership with you, Workplace Workout aims to motivate members to engage with their pension, improve their financial capability and confidence, show how the future matters today and help members get retirement ready. To find out more, take a look at examples of our regular always-on and small step campaigns below.

Always on campaigns

Welcome series

The welcome series introduces Workplace Workout to members. The campaigns drive members to take a few small steps to financial fitness and to log into PlanViewer.

Active member creative

Sent to existing active members when a scheme joins Workplace Workout and to all new joiners

Deferred member creative

Sent to existing deferred members when a scheme joins Workplace Workout


Wake up and retirement series

The wake up and retirement series supports members as they approach and transition into retirement, providing them with tools and insights as well as information on their retirement options.

Wake up - sent when a member turns 50 and again at 55

Retirement series

Leaver series

Sent when an active member leaves your scheme.


Small step (solus) engagement campaigns


Women and Money

Our Women and Money campaign, highlights Fidelity’s research into the financial experiences and views of women internationally, with a focus on financial independence. You can download our digital banners in 3 sizes to use for your e-newsletters or intranet sites. The url for the banners to link to is:

The Inside Track

Our quarterly newsletter is designed to engage members with their pension by providing relevant insight, expert views and guidance related to current and upcoming market events, financial wellness and retirement readiness thought leadership.


Expression of wish

This campaign explains the importance of nominating and checking beneficiaries, encouraging members to do so in PlanViewer as part of a small step to take control of your pension.

Other campaign examples

Retirement campaign

Our Let’s Talk Retirement campaign aims to provide guidance and support to members approaching retirement age. The multi channel campaign looks at the changing retirement landscape and what that could mean for members’ own goals and retirement plans. The campaign signposts members to explore content and tools helping them set their goals and make flexible plans.

Downloadable communication materials

In addition, we’ve put together some internal communication materials for you to use in partnership with our Workplace Workout launch.

Below are internal communication materials that are available for you to use in partnership with our launch email and web campaigns.

  • There are banner assets for your intranet and website, with two image variations and different artwork specifications - 728x90, 300x250 and 525x185. The link from the digital banners is to the campaign hub
  • There are a series of downloadable posters which can be used digitally, or for members who do not have access to online resources, they can be printed

If you have any questions or need additional marketing materials to support your internal communication, please contact your Fidelity Communications Consultant or Relationship Director.