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Managing your account

Frequently asked questions about managing your account

Where can I see how my retirement savings are performing?
Where can I see how much I have paid in charges?
Where can I see all the funds available to me?
Where can I change the funds I’ve invested in?
Can I request a withdrawal on PlanViewer?
How do I update my personal information?
Where can I see my past transactions?
How do I tell you who I’d like to receive the money from my pension if I die?
Where can I find my annual statements?
Can I link a financial adviser to my pension plan?
Where can I see my plan documents?
How do I change my retirement age?
If I have more than one account, can I link them?
How do I ask you to communicate with me by email rather than post?
How do I see my account in a different currency?
Is PlanViewer available as an app?