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Security and privacy

Fidelity is committed to maintaining your personal data in accordance with the requirements of our legal and regulatory data protection obligations and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is kept secure.


Except as outlined above or otherwise required by law, your personal information will not be passed to anyone without your permission. To comply with Money Laundering Regulations, Fidelity may need to request additional evidence of identity from you, and may use a credit reference agency for this purpose (who will record that an enquiry has been made).

Please note that the personal information which you provide will be processed by Fidelity or associated or affiliated companies, who may be based outside of the EEA. This may involve the transfer of data by electronic media including the internet.

Where your data is transferred outside of the UK, Fidelity will ensure that the recipient agrees to keep your information confidential and hold it securely in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

E-mail addresses and fax numbers are not collected or used without your specific permission to do so.

With limited exceptions, you may ask for a copy of the personal information which Fidelity holds on you. Fidelity is allowed by law to make a charge for this. If any of the information which we hold about you is incorrect, please tell us and we will amend it. Simply call the Pensions Service Centre on 0800 368 6868.

Your personal information

If you use our internet service to access your accounts and to effect transactions, encryption tools are used to protect your data. The personal information which you provide to Fidelity may be used for a number of different purposes:

  • administering the Scheme and providing services to you;
  • meeting legal and regulatory requirements;
  • internal research and analysis;
  • to identify you when you contact us; and
  • to help us develop new services and products.

Third parties

Your information will be held in confidence and not passed to any other company without appropriate permission or unless:

  • we are required or permitted to do so by law;
  • it is necessary in order to comply with any regulatory requests or obligations;
  • it is necessary in order to prevent or detect crime;
  • it is necessary in order to administer the Scheme, which may include the transfer of personal data to our affiliated and associated companies or agents based both inside and outside the European Economic Area; and
  • we, or our affiliated and associated companies, are provided with updated address details or other information by either you or your current employer, in which case we will update the information kept for any other schemes of which you are a member and for which we hold records on our database.

We may also:

  • provide some information to your employer to help us administer the Scheme;
  • at the request of your employer, provider certain information to a financial adviser or in any event to a financial adviser who is acting on your behalf;
  • transfer personal data to our affiliated and associated companies for marketing purposes;
  • at your request only, transfer personal data to our affiliated and associated companies in order to provide improved servicing of the accounts you hold with Fidelity, including reporting to you;
  • at the request of your employer, transfer personal data to any third party service provider to your employer to allow improved servicing of all your benefit plans connected to your employer; and
  • transfer personal data to any third party service provider to us, where required in order to provide our services to you, manage our relationship and our business and services with you and assist with any internal research and analysis.


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Contacting us

Phone number – 0800 3 68 68 68

Email –

Our postal address: Fidelity Pensions Management, Beech Gate, Millfield Lane, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 6RP

Our privacy statement

We are committed to protecting your personal data. This statement explains how we do that. It sets out what we do with your personal data, how we protect it, and explains your pertinent privacy rights.

Download the statement