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Cultural diversity

" Having worked internationally with people across many different cultures and backgrounds I can tell you first-hand that it is important to have an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable, safe and free to express themselves. Ultimately, it brings the best out of people"

Bimal Patel - Senior CRM Solution Lead

Committed to cultural diversity

We celebrate our global workforce's cultural diversity and respect all cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs. These differences make us stronger and are critical to our success. Our inclusive practices (such as training, technology and awareness) allow us to work together effectively and are designed to bring out the best in each other.

What we're doing about it

  • We’re measuring and tracking progress on increasing the cultural diversity of our workforce.
  • We have set targets to increase the representation of Black colleagues in our workplace and especially at senior levels.
  • We’re raising awareness and celebrating our differences through events.
  • We’re training colleagues to work effectively and building teams across different cultures.
  • We’re participating in the Black British Business Awards - Talent Accelerator Programme to build a diverse pipeline of future leaders.
  • We’re encouraging young Black people to consider careers in asset management through early careers programmes such as 100 Black Interns and the Catalyst After School Programme.

Our people

Meet Carol Fergus, Director, Global Travel Manager

“I don't think I have ever worked anywhere where I've been given so much autonomy.  I was brought in to develop and broaden the global travel program and today we have a service and team to be really proud of.  My hard work has not gone unnoticed and lead to my being promoted to a Director, where my role and responsibilities have expanded.

There has not been one day that I’ve felt that I’ve been judged negatively for either being a woman, or a person of colour in this position. My performance has only ever been reviewed and assessed in line with my ability to be able to carry out the task. If people feel empowered, then you get more motivated individuals, who feel confident to bring their best self to work. This creates a ripple effect and ultimately leads to a better customer experience.”



Positive steps

Our 2020 Cultural Diversity Action Plan set out our commitments to improve ethnic and cultural diversity and foster an inclusive culture. We're not finished yet, but actions speak louder than words. And we're proud to share our progress.

Three years on 2023 Cultural Diversity Action Plan, we are pleased to share the progress we have made to recruitment, representation, progression and inclusion.

View our 2021 report View our 2022 report