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Helpful resources for uncertain times

Fidelity is here to help by providing workplace communication resources for you and your employees.

Below are internal communication materials that are available for you to use with your employees. There are a variety of articles and infographics in four key areas: work, money, health and life.

There are additional materials to introduce your employees to Financial Wellness and help them to get the most from what they have now, and plan to save enough for the future. Your employees can see if their financial wellness is as good as it could be by using our tool to check their personal financial wellness score.

Financial Wellness

Introducing Financial Wellness

Whether you are starting out, hitting your stride or looking to maximise your money we look at the four domains of financial wellness and learn how to live for today & plan for tomorrow.

Budgeting - four simple budgeting tips

A budget is simply a plan for keeping your spending below the level of your income, we look at four simple tips to help you kick off your budget.

Budgeting - understanding your spending

We’ve created an interactive activity sheet to help you track and understand your spending.

Debt - five steps to becoming a better borrower

To maintain a healthy attitude to money it’s important to take a holistic view of your finances, we share five tips to becoming a better borrower.

Debt - managing your debt

We’ve created an interactive activity sheet to help you make a plan to manage your debt.

Saving - invest in yourself

Did you know that you’re an investor? We’ve put together some tips to make your workplace pension work for you.

Protection - looking after what’s yours

You may be familiar with insurance for your home or car, but there will come a time when you need to protect things even more important.


Charitable giving - tips to donate safely online

Online giving has become easier than ever, we’ve put some tips together to make sure your donations go where they should.


Your essential pension to-do-list

Simple steps like keeping track of your pension and checking your details are up to date are vital. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five small steps which could make a big difference to your savin

Redundancy and workplace pensions

We’ve put together some key things to think about in relation to redundancy and workplace pensions.

The University Challenge

Just as we prepare for a student’s return home, there are steps we can take to prepare for their financial journey too.

Six goals for the new year

Analyse your relationship with money to help keep your New Year's resolutions.

New year, new goals

This year resolve to meet your retirement savings goals.

The power of savings goals

Knowing your destination can help you map the best path to get there.


Managing hybrid teams

The world of work is changing for many of us, we’ve put some ideas together to help your hybrid team thrive.